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Burgundy Wine School®

“Burgundy’s beautiful undulating Cotes d’Or, or Hills of Gold, beg to be explored. Yet this region doesn’t tout itself to the world like the designer wineries of California’s Napa Valley or even the grand wine chateaus of Bordeaux. In contrast, it is a very secretive place steeped in monastic winemaking traditions, which can make it difficult for outsiders to access.

Cristina Otel from the Burgundy Wine School®

Enter the delightful Cristina Otel, founder of the Burgundy Wine School®.Cristina Otel, the owner of  Burgundy Wine School® has coined a phrase that every Burgundy wine enthusiast should know. Grey zones, as she calls them, are the AOC that butt right up against vineyards that have been classified as Grand Cru, but for whatever reason have not received the prestigious designation. These vineyards can be both Premier Cru and Village vineyards and the wines can still be excellent but had for hundreds if not thousands less than the Grand Cru wines of the Côte d’Or.She not only offers a crash course in its precious wines but also takes you all over the Côte d’Or so that you can see, touch and taste why it is the Holy Grail for wine lovers.

She puts everything into perspective at her delightful atelier in Beaune.”

From 90 minutes and up to 2 days, learn about Burgundy with a focus on the wines of Côte D’or. Burgundy Wine School ® is the fruit of a wine professional with numerous academic wine degrees from the University of Burgundy. Cristina OTEL, manager of Burgundy Wine School® has a large wine experience having worked for numerous estates in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Australia. She has put together a unique concept in order to provide you with professional tools to integrate the complex understanding of Burgundy Wines.

What should I choose? Which program is made for me?

If you are a single visitor or a group you can access the 90 minutes class of Burgundy Wine School®, a great program where you learn the basics and you are guided through a selection of whites & reds of Burgundy. The ideal program to start with.

The Burgundy Experience program offers on top of the 90 minutes class a visit to the vineyards of the Côte de Beaune, as a practical approach to the theory learned and a wider selection of wines on tasting. Perfect or those who wish afterwords to visit thousand of domains under the guidance of Burgundy Wine School®.

The Burgundy Vineyards, offers a “time & place” compression. It is a very efficient program, that allows a passionate wine lover to understand both Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits. It includes a theoretical part, a practical ground approach by visiting the grounds in both Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits, a wide range of whites & reds, including several premier & grand crus from rockstar growers & older vintages. Many participants have underlined the fact that no other region offers this type of experience.

The Two Days Program is  ideal if you have the time to allow yourself some time to breath & digest the amount of information & new knowledge acquired. With the tools provided one can visit thousands of growers all over the 5 subregion of Burgundy.

Do you offer visits to wine Estates?

The amount of time for each of the program is essentially dedicated to educate you on Burgundy Wines & the places where these wines come from. After any of the programs chosen, you will have all the tools necessary to visit on your own thousands of wine producers.

Why is Burgundy Wine School more special than another wine tour?

Many of the people I have studied with either manage family Estates all over the World or have integrated a Research Institute in Oenology or Viticulture. I have chosen after my Master’s Degree, to dedicate my time & knowledge to those who are looking to understand Burgundy Region & its wines.  Many guests like you, wander if it is possible to understand such a “complicated” region? Through any of the programs of Burgundy Wine School, you will be taught to navigate through Burgundy region and its wines and see for yourself that it is just Complex and by structuring this complexity, one can see a logic to it. My job is to show you how easy it is to find this logic and offer you the tools to become your own guide.

If you need any extra information, please email us.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Cristina OTEL

Manager @ Burgundy Wine School®



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