“So Mode” Article Australian magazine « Rendez-Vous en France » en juin 2013

Rendez vous en FranceBeaune, the road less travelled

Celebrated for its culture, wine and cuisine, Beaune has a character of its own. By Vanessa Couchman

This medieval gem surrounded by the word famous vineyards of Burgundy is a city of art and culture, and a gastronome paradise. As you walk its cobbled pedestrian streets and flowered squares, the city reveals its cultural heritage at every turn. Beaune’s most famous monument is the perfectly preserved 15th century Hôtel-Dieu ( http://www.hospices-de-beaune.com), with its multi-coloured roofs. A few steps away, another must see land mark is La Moutarderie Fallot ( http://www.fallot.com), the family run mustard mill. Established in 1840, Fallot is famous world-wide for its flavoured mustards. And for fine dining, Beaune has some of the best addresses in the region. Special new activities are on offer, too. Burgundy boasts a dazzling array of renowned vintages. Now you can hire the services of a wine coach to develop your knowledge and appreciation of them. Cristina OTEL has impeccable credentials in the world of wine. She has created a new wine experience to share her passion – Taste Burgundy Wine School ( http://www.tasteburgundywineschool.org). Her private programmes for sophisticated travellers provide inside information on winegrowing, making and tasting. You will learn how the unique blend of landscape, climate & soil gives Burgundy its outstanding quality. Of course, sampling top drops from the region’s most renowned vineyards and estates is a necessary part of the tour, too. To read the full article please click on the photo above.

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